Legal and Financial


  1. Elder Law Terms and Legal Documents Defined

  2. 4 Reasons to Review Your Will

  3. How To Find Out if a Loved One Had a Will

  4. When Is a Person Too Incapacitated to Sign a Will, Trust or POA?

  5. How to Get Guardianship of a Senior 

  6.  Preparing a Letter of Instruction

  7. Let's Talk About the Big Book: Everything Your Family Needs to Know When You Die


   8. How to Legally Force a Loved One to Move to a Senior Living Facility

   9. Important Paperwork: What, Why and How Long to Keep

  10. Power of Attorney: Whom to Name and What Powers to Give

  11. Things You Can and Can’t Do With Power of Attorney

  12. Can a Caregiver Change a Loved One’s Power of Attorney

  13. What Is the Difference Between Durable and Springing Power of Attorney

  14. When Family Members Feud Over Power of Attorney


  1.  Death and Taxes: The Tax Effects of an Elder’s Passing

  2.  Hidden Money: Overlooked Funds Could Pay for Long-Term Care 

  3.  Tax Tips for Caregivers

  4.  Don't Make This Big Tax Mistake After A Parent's Death

  5.  10 Things You Should Know About Your Parents Finances

  6.  Long-Term Care Insurance: How To Use a Policy and File a Claim

  7.  How Can I Get Paid for Being a Family Caregiver

  8.  Top 5 Strategies for Protecting Your Money from Medicaid

  9.  How to Spot Medical Billing Errors and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses


 12. The Financial Implications of Being a Caregiver


 13. The Financial and Personal Toll of Family Caregiving


 14.  Financial Planning Tips for Working Caregivers


 15. The High Costs of Caring for a Loved One

 16. Safe Income Strategies for Retirees

 17. 3 Steps to Take Before Filing a Long-Term-Care Insurance Claim

 18. What Caregivers Need to Know About the Dependent Care Credit 

 19. 5 Work-from-Home Jobs for Caregivers

 20. What to Do if You Suspect a Senior Is Being Financially Abused or Exploited


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