The Hospital Directory is a valuable gift from concerned hospitals to deserving family caregivers. It is made available to caregivers so they may find success and happiness in caring for loved ones. The Directory may very likely answer difficult, personal questions.

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This Utah hospital began in 1965. It now operates four hospitals, 12 neighborhood health centers, 1,000+ physicians, 200+ medical specialties and 8,000 committed staff members. Operates a spectrum of healthcare screenings to emergencies.

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Intermountain Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in the intermountain west. It offers integrated managed care under the insurance brand SelectHealth. Headquarters in Salt Lake City, it has 22

hospitals and some 37,000 employees.



St. Mark's Hospital offers invaluable skills gained from delivering exceptional patient care since 1872. Is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare. High standards

are met through changes in upgrading technology and advanced procedures.  


 1. Alta View Hospital

 2. American Fork Hospital

 3. Bear River Valley Hospital

 4. Cassia Regional Hospital

 5. Cedar City Hospital

 6. Delta Community Hospital

 7. Dixie Regional Medical Center

 8. Fillmore Community Hospital

 9. Garfield Memorial Hospital

10. Heber Valley Hospital

11. Intermountain Medical Center

12. LDS Hospital

13. Logan Regional Hospital

14. McKay-Dee Hospital Center

15. Mountain Point Medical

16. Mountain West Medical

17. Orem Community Hospital

18. Park City Hospital

19. Primary Children's Hospital

20. Riverton Hospital

21. Salt Lake Regional Medical

22. Sanpete Valley Hospital

23. Sevier Valley Hospital

24. St. Marks Hospital

25. Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

26. University of Utah Hospital

27. Utah Vally Hospital

28. Veterans Administration


VA HOSPITALS (Region 19)

The Veterans Hospital vision is to provide veterans the world-class benefits and key services they have earned - and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence professionalism,, integrity, accountability