What is a Family Support Visit?

Family Support Visits are individualized conversations for dementia care that are facilitated by one of our clinic’s social workers/family support advisors and covers these topics:
• Care Partner Support: expanding a care team and respite support
• Symptom strategies for effective communication and behavior management
• Community Resources
• Disease Education
• Advance Care Planning
• Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations
• Counseling about strategies to maintain a high quality of life despite chronic

Who Attends?.

• A Lead Care Partner for the patient with dementia
• Families can meet with or without the patient – If the patient can participate in
the conversation, we encourage them to attend, however, we understand that
some patients are not able to participate due to the severity of their symptoms,
so families can decide what would be best.
• Extended family members can attend in-person or by teleconference

What’s Needed to Schedule?

• Referrals are not necessary – this support is available to any family caregiver in
the community providing care to a family member experiencing dementia
• Insurance is billed
• Call the clinic to schedule, 801-585-7575

Family Support Visits provided by:
Center for Alzheimer’s Care, Imaging and Research
University of Utah