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The Caregivers Directory exclusively includes 520,000 articles and answersmagazines, newsletters, over 500 videos, blogs, books, websites, etc. Free use of the comprehensive directory can be issued by your hospital at the time of your patient' discharge, or when In-Home representatives call on the home, or in waiting rooms of medical clinics. The directory is for the express use of every family caregiver who serves a loved one at home. Everyone is helped by the improved knowledge and skills provided by these extraordinary and comprehensive industry tools provided by your hospital exclusively to support your generous and considerate care. 


This directory assembles needed solutions and answers for the physical and emotional pressures so often present in care giving at home. The major emphasis is on physical and emotional issues and on key medical duties and responsibilities. The goal of these tools is to provide the training, information and the critical assistance valuable family caregivers need so they can provide improved medical attention to their loved patients as they serve lovingly at home, helping patients with their recovery and rehabilitation.

Extensive Categories, Impressive Articles, Needed Information


The Caregivers Directory addresses these key categories and personal stress-related issues:


  • Discover happiness, hope, joy, success, and peace

  • Advice and counsel of hospitals and physicians

  • Specific critical instruction on medical applications

  • About loneliness, fatigue, frustration, discouragement

  • Anger, resentment, abuse by patient, being a victim

  • Learn about lost love, guilt, entrapment, end-of-life

Guest Authors

An impressive list of the following medical industry spokes-persons and specialists:


  • Physicians, and senior Nurses

  • Hospital Administrators

  • Directors of National Associations

  • Recognized Government Experts

  • Medical School Professionals

  • And other medical industry options